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Get Your Home Winter Ready

April 3, 2014

Did you know that one of the best times to start thinking about winter protection is now? Every year Long Island and the Northeast is slammed with nasty Nor’easters and this past winter was an unfortunate reminder of how long and brutal East Coast winters can be and as you and your home are finally thawing out to some warmer weather, it’s time to assess any damage and start planning to protect against future wreckage!

Long Island Weather Protection has been safeguarding homes from seasonal weather for years and we understand the importance of planning ahead. It’s not too early to start checking of your winter weather prep list!

1. Button up your home! This means turning off all your water in everything— from your washing machine to your toilets.

2. Drain your water irrigation and infiltration systems. As you know, water left in pipes will expand when frozen which may lead to cracked and broken pipes. Not only is it a mess to clean up but also costly to repair.

3. Winterize anything and everything! Have you ever put antifreeze in your toilet? If you’re leaving your home for the colder months, consider using antifreeze formulated for RVs (recreational vehicles) into your empty toilet bowl and shower.

4. Turn down your heat, but don’t turn it off! Turning your heat completely off isn’t advised by experts as winter temperatures bring two unwelcomed guests: condensation, and along with that, dry-rot and mildew. Not to mention, the freeze-thaw cycles can put a lot of stress on your home’s foundation, which may lead to cracking. Invest in a thermostat that can be set to 40 degrees for a low but moderate temperature.

5. Keep all exposed water pipes insulated. Now is the perfect time to inspect all uncovered water pipes for cracks and leaks. Fix what’s needed and insulate before the temperature drops!

6. Protect those seaside views— if you live on the water, it is crucial that you invest in engineered storm shutters as they keep wind driven rain out, prevent sandblasting, reduce energy costs and help protect your home from intruders.

7. Secure your home! While away, there are a number of things you can do for not only to ease your mind but also protect your house. Lock it up, tell authorities that you’ll be gone, light up your doorways and driveway with motion-sensor lights, hire a plow and take or hide all valuables.

Preparation is the easy part! Don’t let the summer fly by before thinking about protecting your home against winter weather. Long Island Weather Protection has been a trusted resource for all your seasonal needs. To learn more about how you can defend your home or to talk to one of our consultants click here or call us at 631-208-0275.