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Is it true that I could potentially save money on my homeowners insurance if I install hurricane protection?

Yes. Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums and wind deductibles for homes that are fully protected. Additionally, Long Island Weather Protection’s hurricane protection products offer an added level of self insurance in the event of a storm.

Do your products meet building codes for impact and wind zones? Could I purchase a product that would eliminate the need for plywood panels required by code?

Yes. Our hurricane protection products are all tested and approved for AST 330, 1996, 1886 and once installed meet building codes. You would NOT need to use plywood panels. Long Island Weather Protection will provide all necessary documentation to you and your building inspector.

If I wanted to install one of your products to my new home that is in design is it best to wait for the home to be built or contact you during the design phase?

It is always better for Long Island Weather Protection to get involved as early as possible. Many of our products can be designed into the building to create and integrate an invisible look! We would love to speak with your architect, designer or builder.

How heavy are your clear hurricane panels?

They weigh about 1 pound to the foot and are extremely easy for the average person to install.

Can I control your rollshutters, rollscreens, interior shades and awnings with my smart home?

Yes, we can provide the interface. You can also control from your phone or computer.

What is the warranty on your products?

The warranties vary per products, however all products come with a minimum 5 year parts/material warranty. There are some products that carry longer warranties. We also have extended warranties that can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Would you come out to my home to measure for an awning or do I need to send in the measurements?

We would love the opportunity to measure for an awning or any other products we offer! We would prefer to do field measurements to ensure the proper size awning is ordered and installed for you.

I close up my  home on the ocean for the winter, do you have any products that could help with security, water infiltration, sand blasting and overall glass protection?

We would recommend our rollshutters and/or clear hurricane panels for this application. We would need to see the house, architecture and proposed budget to get you the product or combination of products that would best apply to your home and needs.

Do your products need service? Do you service your own products?

Some of our products need the occasional service, but is defined by the environment you live in. Your installation technician can answer any and all service related questions at time of installation. When a service is required, we provide a quick response and solution.

I have colonial shutters on my home that are very old. Can you replace them with something that will hold up better to our salty environment?

Yes. We have two types of shutters: Wood and composite. It sounds like a composite shutter would be better suited to your area. The best part about our composite shutters is that they can be 100% hurricane rated providing you with two solutions in one!