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Rebuilding After Sandy

May 8, 2014

Although it is been nearly a year and a half since the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in its wake, we still remember not only the physical damage but also the emotional turmoil caused by this “Superstorm.” While Long Island based organizations, such as Long Island Volunteer Center (LIVC) or Sustainable Long Island, have played a major role in post Sandy recovery, there is still much to be done to get Long Island back on its feet.

Hurricane Sandy was not only the most deadly and largest Atlantic hurricane, which spanned from Florida to Maine, it also cost the United States an estimated $68 billion dollars. LIVC and Governor Cuomo’s statewide disaster response, Civilian Emergency Response Corps (CERC) have devoted its services to storm relief, but continue to seek highly skilled volunteers to help rebuild Long Island. In a recent interview with New York Nonprofit Press, Laura Messano, Director of Disaster Services and a Media Consultant for LIVC, stated, “We urge people to bring whatever their skill is to the disaster. There are a lot of really creative ways to bring what you can do. We ask people for a minimum of 4 hours to help out with Superstorm Sandy relief, and then we put their names into a database in case there is a future disaster. Everybody has something to offer.”

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy to bring people together for a cause and better prepare should a similar event occur in the future. Upon rebuilding houses and protecting those that were spared, homeowners selected quality and reliable products that can withstand the force of whatever Mother Nature gives us.After “Superstorm Sandy” hit, Long Island Weather Protection jumped right into action and went out and installed hurricane shutters on both windows and doors to defend against future damage. For those who are rebuilding, renovating or are in the process of building a new home, this simple act the can help save your home and be one of the most trusted barriers between your most cherished keepsakes and devastation.

Messano concluded her interview with this inquisitive thought, “We have to ask: What’s the best way we can move together and help the cause together?” Luckily, for Long Island there are proactive and effective organizations and citizens who are working for a better and stronger future one in which you can be a part of. To learn more about how you can get involved with any of the organizations mentioned or to learn more about how you can protect your home please visit Long Island Weather Protection or the links below.


Civilian Emergency Response Corps

Long Island Volunteer Center

Sustainable Long Island